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Friday, 17 February 2012

Cycle Delic...

I used to cycle a lot more than I do now. I only really cycle now in Grand Theft Auto.

My original bike, a beautiful Scott Sportster, was purloined by an obnoxious creature of darkness from the garden shed yonks ago. Despite Bedfordshire Constabulary throwing the entire weight of the force into finding it, it was not to be. Halfords insurance allowed me to buy a Kona Dew, which is also a lovely bike, and has a slightly strange frame configuration- you be the judge.

Over the years have made a series of Coast to Coast trips and more local rides, some of which I photographed as I travelled. I was particularly drawn to the concept of “what’s in the trees”. Bottle dumps, ruins, old cars, you’re going to see them all.

This trip is Luton to Gosmore and back, on the 12/4/08.

Starting at Peoples Park

Nearly lived here once. Tea Green, not the shed

Thats the house I nearly bought

The Old Straight Track


Speed? I need some. Im killing myself by now

Future house ideas

Victorian Bottle Dump

The Charlton Swamp

Have to go there one day

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